The Perfect Home Theater Room

Plopping on the couch and curling up to watch a favorite movie can be the best way to unwind after a long, hard day. But it may be difficult to completely relax when background noises fill the rest of the house — the dishwasher, dryer, a neighbor mowing the lawn, etc.
What if you could cancel those noises and completely immerse yourself in a movie theater experience right inside your home. Creating a home theater doesn’t have to be expensive. Now with affordable technology and products, you and your family can take a break from everyday life and enjoy a movie together.
If you have a passionate interest in movies and films, you’ve probably been called a cinephile before. Creating a theater room in the house may be tough if you don’t have space. Your garage could be the perfect solution. Follow these steps to create the perfect garage-to-theater room transformation.

  1. Step 1: Clear and Clean the Garage

    If your garage is like most in America, your garage is probably full of stuff. You will need to create space for furniture and accessories for your theater room. Start by going through sections of the garage, seeing which items are worth keeping, what needs to be thrown away and what can be donated. Creating more space in the garage will provide more room for comfy movie theater seating.
    Use storage solutions to keep your belongings up and off the ground. Shelving systems, cabinets or overhead racks are excellent ways to keep your garage floor clear.
    Now is the time to evict the spiders living rent-free in the corners of your garage. Wipe down the garage walls with a wet washcloth to remove all cobwebs and dirt, then make sure the floor has been swept and mopped thoroughly.

    1. Step 2: Flooring Options

      Most garages have a cold concrete floor that may not be very welcoming. Putting down a carpet rug can make the garage cozier and more inviting. If you want your garage floor updated, garage floor coatings or tiles can improve the space tremendously too.
      Floor coatings, such as epoxy, are eco-friendly, add value to your home and are UV stable which means the garage floor won’t become discolored. Garage floor tiles can cover up cracks or other imperfections to leave you with a clean, beautiful floor. Say goodbye to cracks and oil stains with either option.

      1. Step 3: Sound Proof the Walls

        This step may be a bit more complicated than the rest but it will provide the best home theater audio. Soundproofing the walls will help eliminate any external noises from your neighbors or your busy home. You could even use acoustic panels to reduce noise.
        Soundproof Cow stated, “The best affordable way to soundproof your walls effectively is to use drywall and other materials to create an air-tight wall space. Installed over insulation and sealed in to form an extra layer in your walls, drywall forms a solid barrier for sound.”
        Learn more on how to soundproof your walls here.

        1. Step 4: Audio and Visual

          For the perfect garage-theater room, you will want a large TV or projector and powerful surround sound. Hanging a large flat-screen TV on the wall or a projector from the ceiling is an obvious essential for viewing movies. Using a screen projector will need a connected laptop or DVD player to play movies.
          Adding surround sound speakers will make you feel completely immersed in a movie theater. You can place long floor-standing tower speakers on the ground or speakers in other places such as on bookshelves or walls.
          A garage typically has fewer outlets than inside the house which may make it difficult to set up a TV and speakers. Simply add an extension cord to one of the outlets to plug in all of your electronics. If you are wanting to add electrical wiring to run power to a shed or detached garage, Family Handy Man does an excellent job of explaining how to do so.

          1. Step 5: Theater Room Furniture

          Now that the garage is clean, has new flooring, is sound-proofed and has audio and visual set up, it’s time for the comfort aspect of a theater room. You can purchase theater-style seating such as recliner chairs or long couches. Here are 15 of the best home theater seating options.
          A TV stand is a great place to store snacks and DVDs. To save money, try a DIY TV stand. To personalize your home theater room, decorate the walls with a few of your favorite movie posters.
          Just add a few bowls of popcorn and you’re set! Now you can look forward to plopping on the couch after a long day and watching your favorite movies with your new garage movie-theater room.