4 Benefits of Garage Cabinets


Your garage has a variety of items needing to be stored but currently doesn’t have a permanent place other than the floor. Your items need somewhere that protects them without being forgotten. Our garage cabinets can do this for you and so much more! Here are 4 things our garage cabinets can do for your garage.   


Hang Tools on Slatwall Backing

With all of the many projects you have it is easy for your tools to be in disarray. A slatwall backing inside of a garage cabinet gives you the space to store these tools easily without using bulky tool boxes. You are also able to place locks on your cabinets to keep your tools from getting into children’s hands. Cabinets with a slatwall backing also give you the option to have somewhere to store some projects in front of the tools you are using.




Store Short and Long Term Storage Out of Sight

Your cabinets will give you the ability to adjust your shelves to accommodate any and all of your storage containers. Everything will be within reach and ready for the day when it’s time to pull it out. If you label the ends of your totes you will be able to easily see what is inside each one when you go looking for your seasonal decor.



Keeps Your Luggage

With all the incredible places to visit near and far, it’s important to have great suitcases. Garage cabinets are a great way to store all of your luggage without fear of rodents and bugs eating their way into them. It will also give you the ability to easily see what sizes of luggage you have for all of the different vacations you’ll be taking.



Reduces Wear and Tear on Sports Equipment
With all the different sporting activities your family participates in, you want to make sure you don’t have to repurchase equipment before you have to. Storing your sports equipment off the ground will reduce the wear and tear your equipment will see. Cabinets will also allows you to see that you already have 3 soccer balls in different sizes and a 4th would be unnecessary.



Garage cabinets will give you the versatility of an ever changing lifestyle without sacrificing quality. As the needs of your family changes you will be able to adjust the shelving within each cabinet and switch out what totes go where. Be sure to check out all of our different garage cabinet ideas and see which one may work best for your family!